Beyblade 4D:is the third season of beyblade metal fury and the sixth anime series of beyblade anime.Metal Fury was revealed through the March 2011 issue of CoroCoro, showcasing the new season along with it's plot. As revealed from it, Fury was revealed to be based heavily on the then-new 4D Beyblade System. In which the Beyblade toys featured "Different Material", "Divided Wheels", "Dynamic Moves", and "Deep Custom". As evident by it's Japanese name, 4D.

Beyblade: Metal Fury aired on Sunday morning, April 3, 2011 in Japan at 8:30 A.M. on TV Tokyo. It is due for a worldwide airdate sometime in 2012, with the English dub currently being recorded by it's English licensor, Nelvana.


The premise of this series is of the new 4D System. Along with a new story, which involves the series' main protagonist, Gingka Hagane being discovered to be a Legendary Blader. Legendary Bladers are Bladers that have a piece of the Star Fragment enchanted in their Beys. They are the only people, who have the power to defeat the God of Destruction, Nemesis from ruling the world. Gingka and Co. will have to travel the world just like in Metal Masters to find the remaining Legendary Bladers and destroy Nemesis once and for all. As with all seasons of the Metal fury is separated into various story arcs that are connected with each other.

Beyblade 4D (Manga)Edit

After the epic battle against Damian and the victory of the Big Bang Bladers world championship, Ginga Hagane, the #1 Blader in the World is revealed to be a Legendary Blader and must enter the new "Ultimate Bladers" tournament and gather the remaining nine Legendary Bladers who are competing, in order to stop the ultimate evil, Nemesis from awakening to destroy the world.


  • Gingka Hagane: His bey is Big Bang Pegasus
  • Kyoya Tategami: His bey is Fang Leone
  • Rago (Nemesis): His bey is Diablo Nemesis
  • Yuki Mizusawa: His bey is Mercury Anubis
  • Kenta Yumiya: His bey is Flash Sagittario
  • Ryuga : His bey is L-Drago Destroyer
  • Madoka Amano : She is a bey mechanic
  • Pluto: His bey is Fusion Hades
  • Bao: His bey is Hell Crown
  • Chris: His bey is Phantom Orion
  • Dunamis : His bey is Jade Jupiter
  • King : His bey is Variares
  • Titi : His bey is death Quetzalcoatl
  • Masamune Kadoya: Blitz Unicorno